Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of 16 active top-level European researchers based on suggestions from the 16 partners. The board members play a key role in the discussions on appropriate scientific subjects for all projected ERA-NET workshops and activities. Members of the SAB were selected for both specific expertise in relevant techniques and technologies as well as for overview and expertise for broader scientific fields across techniques, such as structural biology, post-genomic research, bioinformatics and so on. In this way possible particularistic interests with respect to the choice of subjects etc. will be minimised and the ERA-NET will be in the position to carefully consider the problems of legitimacy and acceptance of the decisions. Furthermore, the Scientific Advisory Board can be asked for advice at any time, either on the general level or on specific technical issues. The SAB will meet at least once a year, but will be informed of all network activities and decisions to guarantee its high-quality involvement. A variable degree of confidentiality will be expected from the scientists, depending on the nature of the information.

All board members are nominated for the full duration of this ERA-NET, in order to achieve a consistent linkage to the consortium activities. All key discussions will involve the Scientific Advisory Board and all important decisions will be based on their advice.

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