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The workshop 'Cross-border Collaboration and Portfolio Management of Research Infrastructures' was organised by the Science Europe Working Group on Research Infrastructures on 30 and 31 January 2017 in Dublin, Ireland, co-hosted by Science Foundation Ireland and the Health Research Board.

  Workshop report (2017)

The demand for Research Infrastructures is high throughout all fields of science. However, the available funds for capital investment and running costs are generally limited and do not nearly meet the demand. Effective allocation of available funds and effective operation of facilities is therefore important in order to serve the scientific community in the best possible way

  Survey report with recommendations (2016)

Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures:

The European Commission has published a "Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures" that covers all kinds and sizes of RIs.

This Charter is fully in line with the "Minimum Requirements" listed below, but more comprehensive and the result of extensive and exhaustive consultations including all possible stakeholders:

  Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures (original version from 2015)


Related publications of the ESF:

The ESF Member Organisation Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESF MOFRI, see link on the left) was a follow-up activity of ERA-Instruments and developed a set of quality standards for access to research infrastructures, based on the ERA-Instruments recommendations papers.

  Minimum Requirements for Access to RIs (2011)

The minimum requirements were also endorsed by the EuroHORCs, now transformed into Science Europe:

The final report of the whole MOFRI is available on the ESF web pages (see link on the left) as well as here:

  Final Report of ESF MO Forum on RI

ERA-Instruments Publications

Final report:

ERA-Instruments has completed its final report for the EC funded project. Here we publish a summary of activities, results and impacts:

  Summary of Final Report


Recommendations Series:

ERA-Instruments has published the fourth issue of the recommendations series jointly with the ESFRI project Euro-BioImaging:

  Advanced Light Microscopy

The third recommendations paper of ERA-Instruments is on the issue of distributed research infrastructures in the life sciences:

  Development of Research Infrastructures in Europe


The first two recommendations papers address funding (schemes) and operation & access:

  Funding Schemes


  Efficient Operation and Access


National Roadmaps:

ERA-Instruments has collected national roadmaps regarding research infrastructures in the life sciences. The report presented here is dated beginning of 2009.


Funding Schemes for Research Infrastructure:

National funding schemes for research instrumentation are compiled and compared in this report.

Funding schemes

NMR /MRI and NGS equipment in Europe:

Two exercises were made in mapping for Europe a specific kind of instrumentation for life science applications as examples for a mid-size research infrastructure data base.
The first inventory addressed high field NMR and MRI machines, the second looked at next generation sequencing equipment (NGS). The full data base was available online (at:, but has been discontinued meanwhile.

The contents are summarized in

NMR and MRI summary report

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) summary report

Summary of first year results:

ERA-Instrument has built the base for its activities during the first year. A number of publications have resulted already and more is to come...

First year summary

Report on the user meeting on advanced light microscopy:

A round table discussion addressed difficulties in funding and running of leading edge laser scanning microscopes. The main outcome is summarized in the report.

User meeting report microscopy

Report on the user meeting on next generation sequencing:

A panel discussion in Tartu, Estonia, addressed sequencing technology. The main results are contained in the report.

User meeting report NGS

Summary of second year results:

The second year of ERA-Instruments had a focus on various joint activities. The preparatory work of the first year was bearing fruit and we have seen a busy as well as productive twelve months.

  Second year summary


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Development of Research Infrastructures in Europe


Funding Schemes


Efficient Operation and Access



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Summary of Final Report


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