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  • Compiling and comparing the different national funding systems and sources will help to analyze and potentially improve the individual procedures.
  • Inventory of large equipment can elucidate the European infrastructure for different areas of life science instrumentation (e.g. NMR, microscopy).
    Scientists can be provided with information on expertise and facilities for given equipment/techniques.
  • Exchange of expertise for reviewing processes when national experts are few or conflicts of interest seem unavoidable.
  • Establishing access rules for facilities across borders.
  • Scientific workshops on cutting-edge techniques providing information on the pros and cons can guide the strategy/policy of the national funding bodies.
  • Fast access to new technologies.
  • Joint user workshops with scientists, manufacturers and funding organisations accompanying the installation of new instruments for overcoming unforeseen obstacles and for exchanging (technical) experience.
This ERA-NET will NOT perform any calls or direct funding measures.

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